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5 Habits of Highly effective safety management
Posted by Aana on 22-08-2016 10:04:00.

Have you ever wondered how this can be possible?

Is it even possible to integrate safety and work without affecting our productivity?

They say make safety a habit so that you don’t have to do anything different. When there are no stoppages due to accidents, the productivity improves on its own.

Again Safe workplace is a collective effort and every hand in the workplace has to make a contribution towards it. If we browse through internet there are lot of safety practices implemented across the globe. 

Here we talk about 5 simple practices which can assist organizations in an effective Safety management.

Clean workplace – 5S practices

The method of 5S is one way to engage people and contribute to culture change. 5S is a visually-oriented system of cleanliness, organization, and arrangement (Figure 1) designed to facilitate greater productivity, safety, and quality. 

It engages all employees and is a foundation for more self-discipline on the job for better work and better products.

5S is a foundation for more disciplined actions. If workers cannot even put a tool back in its designated location, will they follow standards for production? 

Its visual nature makes things that are out of place stick out like a sore thumb. And, when properly supported, it builds a culture of continuous improvement. The benefits of 5S are:

  1. • Cleaner and safer work areas -- when a work area is clean and organized tripping hazards and other dangers are eliminated.
  2. • Less wasted time through more workplace organization -- when tools and materials are accessible and orderly, workers need less time to "go get" and less time to search.
  3. • Less space -- when unneeded items are eliminated and the needed ones are organized, required floor space is dramatically reduced.
  4. • Improved self-discipline -- the 5S system, especially its visual nature, makes abnormal conditions noticeable and makes ignoring standards more difficult.
  5. • Improved culture -- when 5S is applied systematically, it fosters better teamwork and enthusiasm.