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Course Details

WSQ Manage Hazardous Substances Course (MHS)
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Course Duration
40 hours (5 days - incl. 4 assessment hours)
Course Fees
per participant (NETT Fee)

For SDF or Skillsfuture credit subsidy, please download and use the forms above instead of the online form to register.
Main Office (Bendemeer)
72 Bendemeer Road, #03-29 Luzerne, Singapore 339941
More Information
40 SDU points awarded upon successful completion.

Course code: CRS-Q-0023681-OH

Attendance: 75%

Graded Assessment
Written Questioning, Written Assessment and / or Practical Assessment

Statement of Attainment (SOA) by Workforce Development Agency (WDA)

Course Medium:

Course Overview

The WSQ Manage Hazardous Substances Course (MHS) covers the competencies in identifying the sources of hazardous substances and implementing control measures to manage the associated risks.

This course is aimed to provide the learners with the knowledge and skills for management of hazardous substances at the workplace. This includes identifying the sources of hazardous substances, implementing control measures to manage the associated risks.

Persons who successfully completed this unit of competency will be recognized as the ‘competent persons’ for the control of hazardous substances at the workplace by the Ministry of Manpower. It provides the learners with the knowledge needed to manage hazardous substances, as required by the National Environmental Agency, for the fulfillment of their duties as hazardous substances license and permit holders.

Industries where skills applied: 
Chemical, Process, Pharmaceutical, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Marine, Construction, Education and Research & Development

Target Audience

WSH Professionals, Occupational Health Professionals, other Professionals in OH-related fields

Assumed Skills and Knowledge
  • Self-directed, with an analytical mind and a meticulous approach to problem –solving
  • Passionate and committed to ethical practice in Occupational Hygiene
  • Receptive to change in the light of new evidence
  • WSQ Employability Skills Workplace Literacy and Numeracy Level 6 or
  • Grade C6 in GCE ‘O’ level English and Mathematics and
  • Grade C6 in GCE ‘O’ level Science (Chemist)
  • Recommended to have 2 years working experience in any industry
Classes Schedules
Weekday Class
DAY 1 - 5 : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
19-Feb-2018 ,
20-Feb-2018 ,
21-Feb-2018 ,
22-Feb-2018 ,
19-Mar-2018 ,
20-Mar-2018 ,
21-Mar-2018 ,
22-Mar-2018 ,
16-Apr-2018 ,
17-Apr-2018 ,
18-Apr-2018 ,
19-Apr-2018 ,
21-May-2018 ,
22-May-2018 ,
23-May-2018 ,
24-May-2018 ,
18-Jun-2018 ,
19-Jun-2018 ,
20-Jun-2018 ,
21-Jun-2018 ,
16-Jul-2018 ,
17-Jul-2018 ,
18-Jul-2018 ,
19-Jul-2018 ,
Weekend Class
DAY 1 - 5 : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
11-Feb-2018 ,
18-Feb-2018 ,
25-Feb-2018 ,
04-Mar-2018 ,
11-Mar-2018 ,
18-Mar-2018 ,
25-Mar-2018 ,
01-Apr-2018 ,
08-Apr-2018 ,
15-Apr-2018 ,
22-Apr-2018 ,
29-Apr-2018 ,
13-May-2018 ,
20-May-2018 ,
27-May-2018 ,
03-Jun-2018 ,
10-Jun-2018 ,
17-Jun-2018 ,
24-Jun-2018 ,
01-Jul-2018 ,
08-Jul-2018 ,
15-Jul-2018 ,
22-Jul-2018 ,
29-Jul-2018 ,
Evening Class
DAY 1 - 10 : 06:00 PM - 10:00 PM
19-Mar-2018 ,
20-Mar-2018 ,
21-Mar-2018 ,
22-Mar-2018 ,
23-Mar-2018 ,
26-Mar-2018 ,
27-Mar-2018 ,
28-Mar-2018 ,
05-Apr-2018 ,
16-Apr-2018 ,
17-Apr-2018 ,
18-Apr-2018 ,
19-Apr-2018 ,
20-Apr-2018 ,
23-Apr-2018 ,
24-Apr-2018 ,
25-Apr-2018 ,
03-May-2018 ,
21-May-2018 ,
22-May-2018 ,
23-May-2018 ,
24-May-2018 ,
25-May-2018 ,
28-May-2018 ,
29-May-2018 ,
30-May-2018 ,
07-Jun-2018 ,
18-Jun-2018 ,
19-Jun-2018 ,
20-Jun-2018 ,
21-Jun-2018 ,
22-Jun-2018 ,
25-Jun-2018 ,
26-Jun-2018 ,
27-Jun-2018 ,
05-Jul-2018 ,
16-Jul-2018 ,
17-Jul-2018 ,
18-Jul-2018 ,
19-Jul-2018 ,
20-Jul-2018 ,
23-Jul-2018 ,
24-Jul-2018 ,
25-Jul-2018 ,
02-Aug-2018 ,
Proceed to Register (Step 2)

**All course confirmation is based on the total number of confirmed applicants for the batch. Refund of full course fees is applicable if the class is cancelled by Avanta.

Attendee Category
Company Details
Individual Details

» Course registration shall be applied at least 3 days in advance. Registration is based on a first-come-first-served basis. To confirm the registration, payment of the course fees must be made before the commencement date. Avanta Global Pte Ltd (Avanta) reserves the right to decline a trainee from attending the class at its sole discretion.
» Certificate/card shall be issued within 1 month from the course completion date. For WDA courses, SOA shall be ready within 3 months from the assessment completion date as per WDA’s T&Cs. No certificate/card will be issued unless full payment is received by Avanta before the course ends. An email notification will be sent once the certificate/card is ready for collection. Uncollected certificate/card within 3 months from the date of email notification will be destroyed. An administrative charge apply to re-printing of replacement certificate/card at $20/-. (Police report is required for lost certificate/card case.)
» Trainee is reminded to attend class punctually. Full course fees will still be imposed if the trainee does not attend the class without prior notice.
» If trainee is found cheating, trainee will be barred from the examination/assessment. Avanta reserves the right to take necessary actions.
» Notice of replacement or withdrawal must be made in writing to Avanta subjected to the following:
All requests are subjected to the discretion and approval of Avanta.
» Reschedule or change of course is allowed once only and is subjected to the availability of the course. An *administrative charge is applicable if the request is made 2 working days or less before the course commencement date.
» Avanta reserves the rights to cancel the course or change the course dates. Refund of full course fees is applicable if the class is cancelled by Avanta.
*Administrative charge: 10% of the course fees or S$30/- (whichever is higher)
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