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Multi-Skilling scheme for Lower Workers Levy 0.00 0.00 1
In an announcement by Mr. Sam Tan - Ministry of State for Manpower, the Multi-Skilling scheme will be extended to experienced workers who are specialised in Safety-related work on site.

As of October 2016, basic skilled R2 workers who complete at least 120 hours of training in Approved Safety-related courses or obtain the WSQ Advanced Certificate in WSH, will be certified as higher skilled R1 workers.


Monthly Levy Rate

Basic skilled

R2 Worker

Higher Skilled

R1 Worker

Malaysians and NAS



NTS and PRC  - on MYE



NTS and PRC  - on MYE waiver



Avanta Global is one of the experienced training providers in Singapore. We provide 120 hours of safety training courses and the WSQ Advanced Certification in Workplace Safety and Health course that leads to upgrading the R2 Basic Skilled Worker to R1 Higher Skilled Worker.

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