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Request For Quote BCA Green Mark Scheme

The BCA Green Mark Scheme was launched in January 2005 as an initiative to drive Singapore's construction industry towards more environment-friendly buildings. It is intended to promote sustainability in the built environment and raise environmental awareness among developers, designers and builders when they start project conceptualisation and design, as well as during construction.

How does this help organization?

BCA Green Mark provides a meaningful differentiation of buildings in the real estate market. It is a benchmarking scheme which incorporates internationally recognized best practices in environmental design and performance. This can have positive effect on corporate image, leasing and resale value of buildings. Benefits of BCA Green Mark include:

·         Facilitate reduction in water and energy bills,

·         Reduce potential environmental impact,

·         Improve indoor environmental quality for a healthy and productive workplace,

·         Provide clear direction for continual improvement


Developers, building owners and government agencies would have to submit an application form to BCA to register their interest in participating in the BCA Green Mark Scheme.

BCA assessment team will have a preliminary meeting with the project team or building management team to brief on the criteria and request for relevant reports and documentary proofs to substantiate the subsequent submissions.

Actual assessment will be conducted on a later date once the team are ready. The assessment will include design and documentary reviews as well as site verification. Documentary evidences are to be submitted at the end of the assessment. Upon completion of the assessment, a letter of award showing the certification level of the projects will be sent to the team.

Why Avanta?

Avanta is one of the leading consultancy providers in Singapore. Our consultants have more than 20 years in the field of Quality, Environment, Safety and Health. We have helped and a lot of SME’s achieve the certification. We at Avanta make it our priority to enable our clients to focus on their real business while we take care of their intensive business processes behind the scenes. 


Funding Available for SMEs



The $100 million Green Mark Incentive Scheme for Existing Buildings (GMIS-EB) scheme was first launched on 29 April 2009 which aims to encourage developers and/or building owners to adopt energy efficient retrofitting design, technologies and practices in their existing building to achieve a significant improvement in the building energy efficiency. BCA has enhanced this scheme which now provides:-

(a) A cash incentive for upgrading and retrofitting that co-funds up to 50% (capped at $3 million) of the costs of supply and installation of energy efficient equipment and professional services to improve the energy efficiency of existing buildings.

(b) A 'health check’, which is an energy audit to determine the efficiency of the air-conditioning plants. BCA will co-fund 50% of the cost for conducting this Health Check and the remaining 50% will have to be borne by the building owner.



The GMIS-EB Health Check will be extended with effect from 29 Apr 2014 and shall last for a period of 5 years or expire on such earlier date, as determined by BCA.

The enhanced GMIS-EB cash incentive for upgrading and retrofitting has expired with effect from 28 April 2014. The funds for the enhanced GMIS-EB cash incentive are now fully committed.


In general, the GMIS-EB is applicable to existing building owners if their building meets the following criteria:

  • Existing private commercial (non-residential) developments.
  • Minimum gross floor area of 2,000 sqm.
  • Buildings must have central chilled water air-conditioning plants or which will be upgraded to have central chilled water air-conditioning plants.
  • Buildings must have attained a Green Mark rating which is still in its validity period preceding the application; or the Building owner must, at the time of application, have applied for Green Mark certification and the Green Mark assessment has not commenced or been completed, the Building owner must, at the time of application, be applying simultaneously for Green Mark certification in respect of the Building.

For the 'Health Check', the building owner must submit the application concurrently with the application for Green Mark certification.


All applications must be lodged before the start of the energy audit.


The scheme will not be applicable to buildings from the public sector as such projects have already being substantially funded by the government

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