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CONSULTING - Environmental Advisory Services

Request For Quote ISO 14067 Carbon Footprint of Products

Increasingly businesses are being evaluated by public consumers, trade partners and local government authorities based on the degree of environmental stewardship they display.   Of key interest is the response of these businesses to the critical issue of global warming. 

While many companies actively pursue measures to cut down their energy usage and are prepared to invest their dollars, time and human resources in doing so, very few leverage on these efforts to uplift their image before stakeholders.  On the other hand, companies that account for and report their greenhouse gas emissions, or in other words, their carbon footprint, find that they can now translate their efforts at trimming operational costs and saving energy into a quantitative and visible measure of their company’s environmental performance.

Why you need this?

Carbon foot printing is a powerful marketing tool that can be used to demonstrate your company’s commitment to the environment using a language that the public can relate to.  Your clients do not necessarily want to know that your utility bills were lowered – but they are happy know that you eliminated some proportion of the greenhouse gas emissions attributable to your activities.  They may not relate to the significance of the recycled material you are now using to package your product, but they are impressed that your product is carbon neutral!

As an environmental gauge, carbon foot printing does well internally as well as externally.  An employee, who knows and can actively monitor the GHG emissions arising from his/her work, is better motivated to do something about it.

How does this management system help organization?

Carbon foot printing will help your organization achieve the following benefits:

1)      Achieve savings in operational or maintenance costs through improved awareness, benchmarking and consequently energy efficiency improvements

2)      Gain recognition for superior environmental performance by consumers, regulatory agencies and business partners

3)      Be better prepared for potential future legal requirements mandating energy management


Why Avanta?

Our portfolio of services includes:


Baseline study

Our baseline study will provide an initial assessment of the nature of your operations and sources and sinks of greenhouse gas emissions. 

Base Year GHG Inventory

Employing easy to use software tools, we will compute your base year GHG inventory which can serve as a performance measure and help you identify benchmarks and set reduction targets.

GHG Inventory Management System

We will help you develop a GHG Inventory Management System that is compatible with other internationally recognized management systems you may have already adopted such as ISO 14001 and ISO 9001.

Identifying improvement initiatives & implementing solutions

In consultation with you, we will develop a scope of service that can address the most important energy challenges facing your company.

Preparing a greenhouse gas report

We will assist you in reporting your achievements in greenhouse gas emissions’ quantification and reductions following guidelines contained in ISO 14064 Part 1This report could be subjected to an audit by an independent third party who would lend credibility to your greenhouse gas assertions.  This report could also be made available to the public much like an annual report or a Corporate Social Responsibility report.

Contact details

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          Tel: +65 6417 1151

          Fax: +65 6295 6683

          Address: 72 Bendemeer Road, #03-29 Luzerne, Singapore 339941