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CONSULTING - Environmental Advisory Services

Request For Quote Biodiversity Baseline study Why do you need this?

A biodiversity baseline study is the work done to collect and interpret information on the biodiversity values occurring at a site, their current condition, and trends before a project commences.


The biodiversity baseline study plays important roles in supporting the assessment of impacts and risks of a project, applying the biodiversity mitigation hierarchy, and designing the long-term biodiversity monitoring program (if one is required)

How Avanta can assist

- Identify the biodiversity baseline study area.
- Identify the biodiversity values that will be included and potentially carried through the ESIA.
- Review existing information on the biodiversity values that fall within the scope of the baseline study.
- If necessary, conduct a field-based assessment of biodiversity values to fill the information gaps identified from desktop analysis, stakeholder consultation, and other sources.
- Integration of data into a baseline report

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