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Request For Quote QC 080000 Hazardous Substances Process Management

The IECQ QC 080000 Hazardous Substance Process Management (HSPM) system is based on the international quality management system ISO 9001. It covers the key requirements of the various environmental protection directives such as the Restriction of use of certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS) and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

The IECQ QC 080000 system seeks to minimize or eliminate the production of the hazardous substances to demonstrate to your customers, employees and shareholders that your organization is committed to ensuring the sustainability of the environment. The system is structured to complement any existing management systems in place such as ISO 9001.

Why you need this?

Most current manufacturing and production processes are thoroughly examined and evaluated for their use and production of hazardous substances specified for special restriction. With the IECQ QC 080000 certification, not only do you receive a guideline for your business’ path ahead, you commit to ensuring the safety of all staff involved. This includes those on the assembly line, users of your product, and individuals potentially affected through its impact on the environment.

How does this help organization?

Improve marketability - Business gains Recognition and trust by showing that you are committed to ensuring the safety of the staff and others, as well as the sustainability of the environment with IECQ QC 080000 programme.

Reduce costs – You can eliminate redundant services from your processes and gain time to analyze and Implement appropriate measures to the ever-changing list of hazardous materials. By acting swiftly, you minimize potential reputational and monetary losses.

Global presence – Avanta’s Consultants are well-equipped to apply a beneficial external view on your processes, thus minimising existing risks and enhancing your reputation within the industry.

Why Avanta?

Avanta is one of the leading consultancy providers in Singapore. Our consultants have more than 20 years in the field of Quality, Environment, Safety and Health. We have helped and a lot of SME’s achieve the certification. We at Avanta make it our priority to enable our clients to focus on their real business while we take care of their intensive business processes behind the scenes. 


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