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Request For Quote ISO 14001:2015 TRANSITION


Organizations already certified to ISO 14001:2004 have three years from publication of the new version in which to transfer. This transition period ends in September 2018. Our Consulting team can help Organizations in smooth and effective transition from ISO 14001:2004 to ISO 14001:2015 by providing appropriate solutions

The ISO 14001 standard provides the requirements for establishment, implementation, maintenance and continual improvement of an environmental management system. With the increased necessity for environmental responsibility, organizations choose the Environmental management system (EMS) standard to confirm their commitment towards environment while carrying out business. Environmental management system (EMS) assists to establish and implement its environmental policy, objectives and targets and manage its environmental aspects with the goal of protecting the environment.

Advantages of establishing and implementing the new Environmental Management System standard ISO 14001

  1.  Use of a High level Structure
    The  new  ISO  14001  2015  version  has  a  common  higher-level  structure  with  the  intent  to  simplify  integration  with  other  ISO  management  system  standards.

  2. More onuses on leadership
    The  new  version  puts  Top  management  accountable  for  the  effectiveness  of  the  Environmental  Management  System.  There  is  a  necessity  for  the  Top  Management  to  integrate  the  Environmental  Management  System  with  the  strategic  direction  of  the  organization  apart  from  provisioning  of  resources  and  promoting  continual  improvement.

  3. Risk Management
    The  ISO  14001: 2015  version  places  requirement  of  establishing  a  risk  management  process  where  it  is  required  to  identify  risks  and  opportunities  related  to  your  organization’s  context,  its  interested  parties,  its  compliance  obligations,  and  its  environmental  aspects.  After  the  identification  of  risk,  the  actions  to  address  these  risks  &  opportunities  must  be  defined  and  integrated  with  the  EMS  processes

  4. Life cycle Perspective
    The  new  ISO  14001  update  2015  requires  that  the  consideration  of  environmental  impacts  throughout  the  value  chain  and  consideration  of  life  cycle  issues  in  each  stage.

  5. No Preventive action
    The  new  ISO  14001  standard  does  not  contain  the  term  preventive  action.  Preventive  action  thinking  is  to  be  used  in  the  context  of  the  organization  and  risk  management.

  6. Rethinking impact
    The  revision  introduces  the  term  ‘environmental  condition’,  which  it  defines  as  ‘long-term  environmental  changes  that  can  affect  the  organisation’s  activities,  products  and  services,  requiring  adaptation’.  This  aim  is  to  getting  organisations  thinking  about  the  environment’s  impact  on  them,  rather  than  the  impact  they  have  on  the  environment,  which  is  considered  a  significant  weakness  of  the  current  version  of  ISO  14001.

  7. Continual Improvement
    An  exclusive  clause  on  Continual  Improvement  is  included  in  the  new  ISO  14001: 2015  version  which  serves  as  a  catalyst  to  enable  us  to  keep  making  continual  improvements  in  relation  to  the  environmental  management  system.

Transition from ISO 14001:2004 to ISO 14001:2015

Our Expert ISO 14001 Consultants team will ensure a smooth transition from the ISO 14001:2004 standard to the new ISO 14001:2015 standard by providing you a transition plan and ensuring the transition is complete in a timely and result-oriented way.

The ISO 14001 Transition involves performing gap analysis, developing transition plan, providing guidance for transition, ISO 14001:2015 Internal Auditor Training, developing an ISO 14001, transition documentation work and implementation assistance to ensure minimum ISO 14001 Transition period.

Reach our experts at enquiry@avanta.com.sg or Call +65 6417 1151.