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CONSULTING - Health and Safety Advisory Services

SS 506 Occupational Safety and Health Management System Why you need this?

It enables organizations to implement good OH&S practices and to manage risks, thus improving occupational health and safety conditions in the workplaces.
The SS 506 standards emphasize on practices which are proactive and preventive rather than reactionary. 


SS 506 Certification Scheme is an Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Management System based on SS 506 Part 1:2009 and SS 506 Part 3: 2013 standards. 
This is achieved by identifying hazards, evaluating and controlling work related risks.
SS 506 Part 1 standard is suitable for all types of organization regardless of the nature of their activities and locations. 
SS 506 Part 3 standard is applicable to industries relating to the manufacturing of petroleum and petrochemicals, pharmaceutical products and semiconductor wafers

How does this help the organisation?

Minimize injury risks to employees and liability claims against employers
Increase productivity and reduce insurance premiums
Maintain or establish a good corporate image within the industry
Improve staff morale
Ensure compliance to industry regulations.

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