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CONSULTING - Health and Safety Advisory Services

Request For Quote Factory Registration / Notification Why you need this?

All factories, as defined under the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Act, must either notify or register their activities with us before starting operations.
If your factory engages in high-risk activities, you will have to apply for a Certificate of Registration (CR); If your factory engages in low-risk activities, you will have to submit a one-time Notification declaring your activities.


The organisation should declare that during registration that the factory has implemented risk management.
*Submit process hazard analysis (PHA) studies during registration.
*Submit a quantitative risk assessment (QRA) to the National Environmental Agency (NEA) at least 3 months before registration, if required under Section 26 of the Environment Protection and Management Act.
The organisation shall conduct a Safety and Health Management System (SHMS) audit within 2 months of starting operations.
Thee organisation shall submit the SHMS audit or internal review using Online Business Licensing Services (OBLS) within 2 months of receiving the CR. Otherwise, the CR may be revoked.
*Applicable to Group B  factory: Refineries, Petrochemical plants, Bulk storage terminals with storage capacity of 5,000 or more cubic metres of toxic or flammable liquid, Chemical plants manufacturing fluorine, chlorine, hydrogen fluoride, carbon monoxide or synthetic polymer

How does this help the organisation?

Reduce business cost through protecting company assets and employees
Ensure compliance with legal and other requirement
Creates a safer and healthier workplace for employees

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