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Request For Quote SS 586 Hazard Communication for Hazardous Chemicals and Dangerous Goods Why you need this?

SS586 provides an international system for the classification of dangerous goods by the types of hazards that they present. Also specifies standard hazard communication DG labels. 
Applies to the storage and transportation of dangerous goods on land in Singapore. Does not cover the transportation of dangerous goods by sea and air.
Provides information of hazard communication for hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods provides guidelines on labelling requirements for transport and storage of dangerous goods


The Specification for hazard communication for hazardous chemicals and dangerous goods comprises the following three parts, which are complementary to one another:
Part 1 : Transport and storage of dangerous goods;
Part 2 : Globally harmonised system of classification and labelling of chemicals – Singapore’s adaptations;
Part 3 : Preparation of Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

How does this help the organisation?

Ensure better handling of dangerous goods and hazardous chemical
Creates a safer and healthier workplace for employees
Reduce business cost through protecting company assets and employees
Ensure compliance with legal and other requirement

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