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CONSULTING - Health and Safety Advisory Services

Behaviour Based Safety Management System Why you need this?
Safety Management Systems are deliberately designed to provide guidelines on how to behave safely in particular circumstances.  How well each element is developed, managed and reinforced affects approximately 80 percent of people's daily safety behavior. It makes good commercial sense, therefore, to optimize your company's Safety Management System.


The component of this MS include:
a) Safety leadership, commitment and accountability at the 'Strategic level' 
b) Conduct Risk Assessment and ensure Risk Management at the workplace
c) Make sure appropriate facility's Design & Construction, personnel training & competency
d) Control of operations, third-party nationals & contractor involvement at the 'Behavioral Level' 
e) Information documentation, maintenance, incident reporting & analyses, operations integrity assessment & improvement, auditing, etc. 

How does this help the organisation?

Creates a safer and healthier workplace for employees
Increase the business competitive advantage
Gain industry recognition
Boost the business branding 
Reduce business cost through protecting company assets and employees
Improve staff morale

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