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Corporate Social Responsibility: ISO 26000

ISO 26000 is the first guideline on social responsibility from the International Standards Organization (ISO), and is set to become the new global benchmark for corporate social responsibility.

Companies that are serious about sustainability have already started aligning their sustainability policies, strategies, and initiatives with ISO 26000.

ISO 26000 provides a practical framework for formulating and implementing effective corporate social responsibility policies. Companies can use the framework to identify material issues, engage with stakeholders and boost credibility of their sustainability reports.

Why you need this?

1. Labour Practices                             

- Compliance to labour act including all mandatory insurance coverage;

-Encouragement of work-life balance..... Including partners invited for overseas incentive tours in the past;

- Adherence to office hours

2. The Environment

- Preservation of natural resources: including independent air conditioner / lighting units and control;

- recycling of papers used and e-storage of documents and records preferred;

- recycling of envelope papers for daily action planning of staff.

3. Fair Operating Practices 

- As an independent, clean n green professional with fair competition by market conduct;

 - continuously instil 'quality - environment - health n safety - food safety - IT security - energy' responsibilities (as appropriate) through the value-chain of 'owner - developer - professional - main contractor - vendor';

- Respect to Intellectual Property Right.

4. Human Rights

- Equal terms for locals and expats;

- Speak up for what is right not what is nice to hear;

- Knowledge and profit preservation for professional sharing.

5. Consumer Issues

- Total customer happiness;

- use of e-documents to replace paper manual. Procedures (except one master copy only);

- Professional dealings in the names of fairness and mutual respect.

  6. Organization Governance

- Quantitative management by KPI measurement n charting;

- win-win-win spirit among employee - client - company;

- clear communication internally & externally.

7. Community Involvement and Development

- Donations to the region by disaster needs;

- As WHSC. MOM-invited speaker for public training of bizSAFE in annual bizSAFE Conventions as well as, donations and planting of trees to national green efforts of N Park;

- Continuously develop new professional services by contemporary needs of the community and society.

Why Avanta?

Avanta provides consultancy services to organisations through the stages of development and implementation. 

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