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CONSULTING - Health and Safety Advisory Services

Request For Quote Accident Investigations and Recommendations Why you need this?

As part of a good safety management system, the company need to investigate incidents in a systematic way. 
Even incidents that did not result in injury or damages should be investigated. 
It is a safety management tool that must be used to prevent incidents from occurring.


Provides general guidance for incident investigation methods and their related tasks like information gathering, analysis, implementation and review for simple or direct incidents.
Incident investigation to find out how they happened so that steps can be taken to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future. 
Recommend corrective action to remove the underlying causes

How does this help the organisation?

This would help workers regain confidence after the incident, and address any related worries.
Reduce business cost through protecting company assets and employees
Improve staff morale
Ensure compliance with legal and other requirement

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