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CONSULTING - Health and Safety Advisory Services

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Responsible Care is the chemical industry’s global initiative to drive continuous improvement and achieve excellence in environmental, health, safety and security performance through 6 key elements.
Responsible Care embraces the development and application of sustainable chemistry, helping our industry contribute to sustainable development while meeting the world’s growing need for essential chemicals and the products those chemicals make possible.

Upholding to Responsible Care 6 guiding principles and implementing relevant codes of practice to ensure the effectiveness of Health and Safety Mangement System. The 6 key elements include:

1) A Corporate Leadership Culture
2) Safeguarding People and the Environment
3) Strengthening Chemicals Management Systems
4) Influencing Business Partners
5) Engaging Stakeholders
6) Contributing to Sustainability
Continous monitoring of key performance indicators and self-evaluation(internal audit) the status of management practice are part of the mandatory programs 

How does this help the organisation?

Creates a safer and healthier workplace for employees
Increase the business competitive advantage
Improve staff morale
Boost the business branding 
Reduce business cost through protecting company assets and employees

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