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Green supply chain management can be defined as integrating environmental thinking into supply-chain management, including product design, material sourcing and selection, manufacturing processes, delivery of the final product as well as end-of-life management of the product after its useful life.
Sustainability can be maximized throughout the supply chain, beginning with concept and development then continuing through all phases of production and final customer distribution. Articles here focus on efforts by materials suppliers, product manufacturers and retailers to increase sustainability. These increased sustainability efforts are made to decrease the impact of the supply chain on future generations.

Why you need this?

The Green supply chain management helps organizations to embrace the environmental considerations as well as help in establishing a sustainable supply chain for their processes. This gives organization a niche. We at Avanta help you to design the supply chain based on the global and local requirements. This helps you in complying with all your compliance obligations.

How does this help organization?

  • Positive impact on financial performance
  • Sustainability of Resources
  • Lowered Costs/Increased Efficiency
  • Product Differentiation and Competitive Advantage
  • Adapting to Regulation and Reducing Risk
  • Improved quality and products
  • Effective management of Suppliers
  • Dissemination of technology, advanced techniques, capital and knowledge among the chain partners
  • Transparency of the supply chain
  • Large investments and risks are shared among partners in the chain
  • Better control of product safety and quality
  • Increased sales and revenue
  • Beneficial uses for waste

Why Avanta?

Our consultants are experts and are approved by UNO in the environment related consultancies. We bring in a global perspective and help you in implementing best solutions suited for your business as per your requirements. We help you in your tryst of building a sustainable and environmental friendly business.

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