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Occupational First Aid Refresher Course (OFAC-Refresher)

Course Information

Occupational First Aid Refresher Course is a mandatory training course for Occupational First Aiders. The aim of this first aid course is to train individuals to render first aid treatment to the casualty during an emergency or accident at the workplace.

Workplace Safety and Health (First Aid) Regulations 2006 Reg. 5 (2) stipulates that “every person appointed as a First Aider shall have undergone and successfully completed such training in first-aid treatment as the Commissioner may approve”.

This course is accredited by the Learning Service Providers (LSP). The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) has required learning service providers to attain the ISO 29990:2010 Learning Service Provider (LSP) certification as part of the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) training.

The ISO 29990:2010 LSP certification is administered by the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC) through its Certification Bodies (CBs) and will replace the MOM Accredited Training Provider (ATP) Scheme.

Upon successful completion, of course, a certification with 2 years validity will be issued.

Course Duration
17.5 hours (including 2 hours 40 minutes of assessment)

Course Fees
S$270 + GST, per participant
SkillsFuture funding available up to 70% and SFC Eligible, subjected to SkillsFuture T&C.

w.e.f. 15 Sept 2018 – Course fee will be revised, and SDF funding migrated to NETT fee.

*For Occupational First Aid Course, please click here

Venue: Main Office (Bendemeer)
20 Bendemeer Road, #04-06 BS Bendemeer Centre, Singapore 339914

More Information

Course Code: CRS-N-0031410
TPGateway Course Code: TGS-2018500114 (Only applicable for self-sponsored Trainee to submit SkillsFuture Credit)
Course Medium: English, Mandarin

Attendance Criteria: Trainee must achieve 75% attendance for the entire course and achieve 100% attendance for CPR + AED.

Pass Criteria:

Written Assessment for 20 OFAC MCQ: 70% to Pass
Written Assessment for 20 CPR + AED MCQ: 80% to Pass
Practical Assessment: Obtain ‘C’ (Competent)

Who should attend
Any individuals with interest in first aid or have been assigned a WSH-related role in the company. Must be physically fit and able to render help to another individual during an emergency.

The course is for individuals holding a current and valid Occupational First Aid Course with CPR+AED (OFAC) certificate which is near to expiry and wishes to renew this certification.

Course Objectives

  • Explain the duties and responsibilities of First Aider
  • List the legal requirements under Workplace Safety and Health (First Aid) Regulations (Cap. 354A, Rg 4) Reg. 5 (2) for the workplace
  • Check and pack contents of First Aid Box
  • Apply first aid to accident victims in the workplace
  • Manage a medical emergency at the workplace
  • Manage victims of hazardous chemicals exposure
  • Identify common workplace accidents requiring first aid treatment

Course Outline

  1. Duties and Responsibilities of First Aider
  2. Handling and Transportation of the Injured
  3. Management of Medical Emergencies
  4. Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) & use of AED
  5. Circulatory System & Management of Bleeding
  6. Skeletal System, Fractures and Dislocations
  7. Occupational Eye Injuries
  8. Skin and Burn Injuries
  9. Respiratory System and Breathing Difficulties
  10. Legal Requirements from MOM
  11. Chemicals in the Workplace
  12. Accident Prevention

*For Basic First Aid Course please click here.

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Participant must have successfully completed the Occupational First Aid Course with CPR+AED (OFAC) and currently holding a valid OFAC certificate.

Assumed Skills and Knowledge
– ESS Workplace literacy and numeracy Level 5 and above.

Medical Fitness

  • Does not have any history or underlying medical heart and lung conditions or any physical disabilities/problems such as knee, spinal or joints injury (please consult your doctor to get the necessary clearance to undertake the CPR practice and assessment)
  • Pregnant ladies are highly discouraged from undertaking the CPR practice due to safety reasons

Holiday Class: May day and Vesak day

Day 1 : 09:00:00 – 19:00:00
Day 2 : 09:00:00 – 18:40:00

Weekday Class (English)

Day 1 : 09:00:00 – 19:00:00
Day 2 : 09:00:00 – 18:40:00

Weekend Class (English)

Day 1 : 09:00:00 – 19:00:00
Day 2 : 09:00:00 – 18:40:00

Mandarin Weekday Class

Day 1 : 09:00:00 – 19:00:00
Day 2 : 09:00:00 – 18:40:00

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Attendee Category

Important Note:
1. [Company Sponsored]: Company shall ensure there is employer-employee relationship and CPF contribution for employer-sponsored trainees. Should SDF grant disbursement be rejected due to wrong company / UEN provided to Avanta, the company shall be liable to pay the full course fees with out grant.
2. Registration is valid only if, each participant Mobile Number & Email address is provided (Shouldn't provide same contact details of Person in charge)

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