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Registered Safety Professional Course

Course Duration
40 hours
Course Fees
Main Office (Bendemeer)
72 Bendemeer Road, #03-29 Luzerne, Singapore 339941
More Information
Accredited by International Board of Environmental Health and Safety, USA
The Registered Safety Professional is highly knowledgeable, respected and responsible person who is committed to ensure strict compliance to   Occupational Health, Safety and environment policies of a company. The RSP ensures strict implementation of Health and Safety Policies in an industry to make an accident/incident free environment. The holder of RSP certification is authorized to use RSP title along with his/her name
• Concept of leadership
• Human behavior
• Organizational behavior
• Developing a team
• Gaining Respect
• Delegating Successfully
• Time Management
• Managing Stress
• Substance Abuse Awareness
• Handling Conflict       
• Evaluating Staff Performance
• Occupational Safety                      
• Safety Terminology & Process                                                                 
• Risk Management
• Duties of a Safety Professional
• Management’s Responsibility for Safety                                                   
• Role of the Safety Committee
• Communicating Safety Effectively                                                           
• Approaches to Safety Training                                                                  
• Data Collection and Presentation                                                             
• Trends analysis
• Hazard Recognition and Control Measures
• Conducting Workplace / Jobsite Hazard Assessment                                 
• Personal Protective Equipment                                                                
• Fire Safety & Life Safety                                                                         
• Electrical Safety
• Hand and Portable Power Tools                                                               
• Machine Guards                                                                                       
• Safety Switches                                                                                     
• Anchoring Fixed Machinery                                                                      
• Manual and Mechanical Material Handling                                                  
• Material Storage&, various types of slings and its safety precautions           
• Powered Industrial Trucks                                                                       
• Compressed Gas Cylinders
• Construction Site Safety
• Work at height
• Controlled Access Zones                                                                          
• Excavations                                                                                           
• Personal Positioning Device                                                       
• Warning Line Systems                                                                   
• Lifting equipment hazards and control                                                        
• Holes, Openings, Ramps and Other Walkways                                          
• Excavation                                                         
• Scaffolding                                                                                              
• Ladders                                                                                                  
• Demolition                                                                                              
• Fleet Safety Program                                                                              
• Office Safety                                                                                           
• Hazardous Materials Management                                                             
• Confined Spaces                                                                                     
• Safety Inspections                                                                                   
• Motivation                                                                                       
• Accident Investigation                                                                              
• Documenting Safety                                                                      
• Health and Safety Program & Environmental Issues                        
• Introduction to Industrial Hygiene                                                              
• Human Anatomy and Physiology                                                             
• Industrial Toxicology Gases, Vapors and Solvents                                      
• Radiation               
• Medical Surveillance (Screening)                                                               
• Noise / Hearing Conservation and Sound Measuring Devices    
• Ergonomics       
• Terrorism                                                                                 
• Types of Threats
• Weapons of Mass Destruction
• Pre-Attack Threat Assessment
• Counter Terrorism Measures
Continuation of Certification
Maintenance of the RSP certification requires 16 continuing education units every two years and nominal fee.
Examination Requirement
100 points (objective) covering the Fundamentals of Safety (RSO material, plus Management Leadership Skills)
Prior Knowledge
Applying participants for the RSP program would need 5 years experience as a Safety Manager.

Weekday Class

Day 1 – 5 : 08:30:00 – 17:30:00

No Schedules Available

Weekend Class

Day 1 – 5 : 09:00:00 – 18:00:00

No Schedules Available

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Important Note:
1. [Company Sponsored]: Company shall ensure there is employer-employee relationship and CPF contribution for employer-sponsored trainees. Should SDF grant disbursement be rejected due to wrong company / UEN provided to Avanta, the company shall be liable to pay the full course fees with out grant.
2. Registration is valid only if, each participant Mobile Number & Email address is provided (Shouldn't provide same contact details of Person in charge)

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