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Transport Emergency Response Course

Course Duration
16 hrs (2 days)
Course Fees
S$550.00/- per pax (GST Incl.)
Main Office (Bendemeer)
72 Bendemeer Road, #03-29 Luzerne, Singapore 339941
More Information
Course Overview
Participants will be able to:
a) Plan initial company response to a dangerous goods road transport emergency.
b) Conduct recovery operations at a dangerous goods road transport emergency site.
c) Complete initial clean up and recovery operations at a dangerous goods road transport emergency site. 
Course Content:
Types of emergency incidents
a) DG tanker construction
b) Equipment used at an emergency incident
c) Dangerous goods codes and regulations
d) Analysis of a response trailer
e) Equipment identification and how it is used
f) Product recovery operations
g) Minor leaks, static electricity etc.
h) Demonstration of simulated product recovery operations
i) Simulated emergency incident using actual rollover tanker and associated equipment.

Course Completion
Knowledge is tested in the forms of both written learning activities during the classroom training and also in individual practical demonstrations. Certificate will be awarded for participants who have successfully cleared the assessment.

Target Audience

• Hazmat lorry drivers, assistants and supervisors transporting hazardous materials on Singapore roads.

Participants must
a) Have prior industry experience. 
b) Able to read, write, understand English.

Weekday Class

Day 1 – 2 : 08:30:00 – 17:30:00

No Schedules Available

Weekend Class

Day 1 – 2 : 09:00:00 – 18:00:00

No Schedules Available

Holiday Class

Day 1 – 2 : 09:00:00 – 18:00:00

No Schedules Available

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Attendee Category

Important Note:
1. [Company Sponsored]: Company shall ensure there is employer-employee relationship and CPF contribution for employer-sponsored trainees. Should SDF grant disbursement be rejected due to wrong company / UEN provided to Avanta, the company shall be liable to pay the full course fees with out grant.
2. Registration is valid only if, each participant Mobile Number & Email address is provided (Shouldn't provide same contact details of Person in charge)

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