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Avanta Global Pte Ltd provides a new E-Learning course on Digital Marketing

Course Overview
Certificate in Digital Marketing E-Learning Course provides understanding about Marketing products/services using Digital Mediums effectively and educates about the digital processes such as Thinking, Creating, Engaging and Optimizing the various digital marketing campaigns.

This certificate course gives strong fundamental knowledge about Search Engine, Social Media, Email, Content, Influencer & Affiliate marketing concepts to improve the business growth and revenue.

Course Objectives

  • Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  • Helps to understand Search Engine Optimization
  • To learn about Search Engine Marketing
  • Helps to learn about Social Media
  • Acquire knowledge about Email Marketing
  • Understand Influencer marketing outreach
  • Affiliate marketing methods to improve business
  • Lead generation methods to acquire new customers

Target Audience
Business Owners, Sales & Marketing Professionals, Students and anyone who wants to understand about Digital Marketing

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