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S/N Course Title Click to Enquire / Register Now Program Code SDUs Start Validity Date End Validity Date
1 Noise and Vibration Monitoring (WSQ Monitor Noise and Vibration Course) Register Now CPD/114/T1.2/2023002 20 1-Jan-23 30-Jun-23
CPD/114/T1.2/2023017 1-Jul-23 31-Dec-23
CPD/114/T1.2/242401 1-Jan-24 30-Jun-24
2 Noise & Vibration Control (WSQ Control Noise & Vibration Course) Register Now CPD/114/T1.2/2023003 16 1-Jan-23 30-Jun-23
CPD/114/T1.2/2023018 1-Jul-23 31-Dec-23
CPD/114/T1.2/242401 1-Jan-24 30-Jun-24
3 Hazardous Substances Management (WSQ Manage Hazardous Substances Course) Register Now CPD/114/T1.2/2023004 20 1-Jan-23 30-Jun-23
CPD/114/T1.2/2023019 1-Jul-23 31-Dec-23
CPD/114/T1.2/242403 1-Jan-24 30-Jun-24
4 Indoor Air Quality Management (WSQ Manage Indoor Air Quality) Register Now CPD/114/T1.2/2023005 20 1-Jan-23 30-Jun-23
CPD/114/T1.2/2023020 1-Jul-23 31-Dec-23
CPD/114/T1.2/242404 1-Jan-24 30-Jun-24
5 Exposure and Risk Measurement (WSQ Measure Exposure and Assess the Risks Due to Hazardous Substances Register Now CPD/114/T1.2/2023006 20 1-Jan-23 30-Jun-23
CPD/114/T1.2/2023021 1-Jul-23 31-Dec-23
CPD/114/T1.2/242405 1-Jan-24 30-Jun-24
6 Confined Space Management (WSQ Assess Confined Space for Safe Entry and Work) Register Now CPD/114/T1.2/2023001 20 1-Jan-23 30-May-23
CPD/114/T1.2/2023012 1-Jun-23 30-Nov-23
CPD/114/T1.2/2023028 1-Dec-23 31-Dec-23
CPD/114/T1.2/242406 1-Jan-24 30-Jun-24
7 Manage Work at Height Course Register Now CPD/114/T1.2/2023009 20 1-Jan-23 28-Apr-23
CPD/114/T1.2/2023011 29-Apr-23 28-Oct-23
CPD/114/T1.2/2023027 29-Oct-23 31-Dec-23
CPD/114/T1.2/242407 1-Jan-24 30-Jun-24
8 Occupational First Aid Course (OFAC) Register Now CPD/114/T2.0/2023010 10 16-Feb-23 15-Aug-23
CPD/114/T2.0/2023026 16-Aug-23 31-Dec-23
CPD/114/T2.0/242408 1-Jan-24 30-Jun-24
9 CQI-IRCA Approved ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System (EMS) Auditor/Lead Auditor Training Course Register Now CPD/114/T1.2/2023007 20 1-Jan-23 30-Jun-23
CPD/114/T2.0/2023022 1-Jul-23 31-Dec-23
CPD/114/T1.2/242414 1-Jan-24 30-Jun-24
10 CQI-IRCA Approved ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Lead Auditor Course Register Now CPD/114/T1.2/2023008 20 1-Jan-23 30-Jun-23
CPD/114/T2.0/2023023 1-Jul-23 31-Dec-23
CPD/114/T1.2/242415 1-Jan-24 30-Jun-24
11 ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System Internal Auditor Course Register Now CPD/114/T2.0/2023014 8 16-May-23 15-Nov-23
CPD/114/T2.0/2023030 16-Nov-23 31-Dec-23
CPD/114/T2.0/242411 1-Jan-24 30-Jun-24
12 ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 QEHS Integrated Management System Internal Auditor Training Course Register Now CPD/114/T2.0/2023016 8 16-May-23 15-Nov-23
CPD/114/T2.0/2023032 16-Nov-23 31-Dec-23
CPD/114/T2.0/242413 1-Jan-24 30-Jun-24
13 ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety Management System Internal Auditor Course Register Now CPD/114/T2.0/2023015 8 16-May-23 15-Nov-23
CPD/114/T2.0/2023031 16-Nov-23 31-Dec-23
CPD/114/T2.0/242412 1-Jan-24 30-Jun-24
14 Understand WSH Duties based on code of Practice – Chief Executives and Board of Directors Register Now CPD/114/T1.2/2023013 4 16-May-23 15-Nov-23
CPD/114/T1.2/2023029 16-Nov-23 31-Dec-23
CPD/114/T1.2/242410 1-Jan-24 30-Jun-24
15 Implement Incident Management Process (IIMP) Register Now CPD/114/T2.0/2023025 4 1-Jul-23 31-Dec-23
CPD/114/T2.0/242409 1-Jan-24 30-Jun-24
16 Personal Fall Protection Equipment Inspection Course (PFPEI) Register Now CPD/114/T2.0/242417 4 1-Jan-24 30-Jun-24
17 Workplace Safety and Health Management in Chemical, Process, Pharmaceutical Industries and Laboratories Register Now CPD/114/T2.0/242421 10 1-Jan-24 30-Jun-24
18 Standard First Aid Course Register Now CPD/114/T2.0/242420 8 1-Jan-24 30-Jun-24
19 Fire Warden Course Register Now CPD/114/T2.0/242419 4 1-Jan-24 30-Jun-24
20 Working-At-Height Rescue Course Register Now CPD/114/T2.0/242418 5 1-Jan-24 30-Jun-24
21 Confined Space Entry and Rescue (CSER) Register Now CPD/114/T2.0/242416 8 1-Jan-24 30-Jun-24
22 SGSecure Representative Course Register Now CPD/114/T1.2/242422 4 1-Jan-24 30-Jun-24
23 Behaviour Based Safety Course – Observation and Implementation Register Now CPD/114/T1.2/242423 9 1-Jan-24 30-Jun-24
24 ISO 22301:2019 Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) Internal Auditor Course Register Now CPD/114/T2.0/242424 8 1-Jan-24 30-Jun-24
25 SS 651:2019 Health and Safety Management System Requirements for the chemical industry – Internal Auditor Training Course Register Now CPD/114/T2.0/242425 8 1-Jan-24 30-Jun-24
26 Mental Well Being at Workplace Training Course Register Now CPD/114/T1.2/242426 4 1-Jan-24 30-Jun-24
27 ISO 14064:2018 Carbon Footprint – Internal Verification Training Course Register Now CPD/114/T1.2/242427 16 1-Jan-24 30-Jun-24

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