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Project Management Services


Avanta Global is a professional firm offering ESH and IT Outsourcing, and provision of manpower services such as Full time / Part time professionals who are certified with recognised qualifications and experience. 

Categories Positions
MOM Registered Workplace Safety and Health Officers (WSHO)
NEA Registered Environmental Control Officers (ECO)
Environmental Control Coordinators (ECC)
SCDF Approved Fire Safety Managers (FSM)
Safe Management Measure Professionals
  • Safe Management Officers (SMO)
  • Safe Distancing Officers (SDO)
WSH Certified Professionals
  • HSE Managers
  • Safety (WSH) Coordinators
  • Safety Supervisors
  • Lifting Supervisors
  • Work-At-Height Supervisors
  • Work-At-Height Assessors
  • Work-At-Height Managers
  • Confined Space Assessors
  • Hotwork Assessors
  • Scaffold Supervisors
  • Scaffold Erectors
  • Riggers / Signalman
  • Other positions as required at sites or at factories
QEHS Professionals
  • QEHS Managers
  • QEHS Internal Auditors
  • QEHS Assistants
  • Other Management System Related Positions
Engineering Professionals
  • Resident Engineers (RE)
  • Resident Technical Officer (RTO)
  • Project Manager
  • Project Engineer
IT Professionals
  • ICT Executive
  • ICT Trainer
  • Project Manager – ICT
  • IT Support Engineer
  • IT Administrator
  • IT Desktop Support Engineer
  • IT Support Officer
  • IT Security Engineer
  • Oracle Database Administrator
  • MySQL Database Administrator
  • Microsoft SQL Database Administrator
  • Java Developer
  • Application Developer
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Chief Technology Officer ( CTO)
  • Cyber Security engineer
  • AI / Machine Learning Engineer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Python Developer
  • Cloud Engineer
Administrative and Operation Staff
  • Administrative Executive
  • Accounts Executive
  • Receptionist
  • Operation Executive
  • Other positions as required by Companies
Food & Beverages
  • Service Technician / Staff
  • Housekeeping Supervisor
  • Waiters
  • Floor Supervisors
  • Service Crew
  • Other Positions

The primary responsibility of ensuring workers’ safety and health lies with the occupier or employer as enshrined in the main WSH Act. We provide outsourcing of workplace safety and health professionals who can assist in helping to raise the safety and health standard and performance of your organization. We can also provide gas meter and noise monitoring equipment on a rental basis along with professionals to operate the devices.

How We Serve?

The benefit of our outsourcing service is that we will take care of all the employee remuneration and benefits while companies only need to pay a lump sum fee every month. Other Benefits are:

  • All are professionally qualified & experienced personnel
  • Available to start immediately
  • Covering your temporary staff absence
  • Gains flexibility to meet increasing workloads
  • Avoids cost & demand for recruiting
  • Avoid cost for job advertising
  • Adding expertise to your existing staff
  • Act as a mentor to less experienced staff
  • Will offer you candid and independent advice

Why it is required?


Workplace Safety and Health Officers (WSHO)

Under the regulations, the following workplaces are required to appoint a Workplace Safety and Health Officer (WSHO):

  • Shipyards in which any ships, tankers and other vessels are constructed, reconstructed, repaired, refitted, finished or broken up;
  • Factories used for processing petroleum or petroleum products;
  • Factories in which building operations or works of engineering construction of a contract sum of $10 million or more are carried out; and
  • Any other factories in which 100 or more persons are employed, except those which are used for manufacturing garments.
Safety (WSH) Coordinators
Under the regulations, workplace safety and health coordinator shall be appointed in respect of every worksite where the contract sum of the building operation or works of engineering construction carried out therein is less than $10 million.
Environmental Control Officers (ECO)
As per the code of practice, construction sites are required to employ either part-time or full-time ECO depending on the contract sum of the construction works as shown in the table below.


Contract Sum of Constructions Works Type of ECO Required
$10 million & below Not Required
Exceed $10 million but not exceeding $50 million Part-Time ECO
Exceed $50 million Full-Time ECO
Fire Safety Managers (FSM)
All Public or Industrial Buildings which satisfy at least one of the following conditions are required to appoint a fire safety manager:

a) Public Building (inclusive of Commercial Building)

  • is of 9 storeys or more (including any basement) in height;
  • is used, constructed or adapted to be used as a hospital;
  • has a floor area of 5000 square metres or more; or
  • has an occupant load of 1000 persons or more

b) Industrial Building

  • has a floor area or site area of 5000 square metres or more; or
  • has an occupant load of 1,000 persons or more
Confined Space Assessors
Under the regulations, a confined space safety assessor is the person carrying out testing of the atmosphere of a confined space for the purpose of persons entering and working safely. We also provide rental services for safety equipment and monitoring devices.